Staring At Thuban

from by INNVOID



We think, we see and we know;
Illusory autonomy.
Mindset of mediocre goals
Imbued inside every thought.

Fools of us!
We who revere our fall…

This perceptual construct
Altered from source:
Serpentine path of demise
Derails our course.
All engineered to do their bidding.

Our own creations:
Disposed to ruin free will.
Enforced heritage:
To mould our being.
Perpetuated as the norm:
Our undoing.
Alfa, Tail of the dragon,
Guide us no more.
Once center of our skies,
Now is seen:
Thy hoax.

رأس الثعبان (Rās al Thuʽbān),
O head of the snake.
رأس الثعبان (Rās al Thuʽbān),
(we) heir the hierarchy.

Stare, Look at the cloudy star,
In the eye of the dragon.
(it) threatens detriment
To our right to thrive…


from Hypophenomena, released May 4, 2018




INNVOID Barcelona, Spain

INNVOID is a Progressive/Experimental metal band from Barcelona, born in 2014.

We like to use music as a means to philosophical and existential exploration,
trying to synthesise music, feelings and the search for knowledge (and also fun!) in one sole concept.
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